Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First flight after my checkride

On a gorgeous and  sunny Thursday morning, April 26th 2012,  Shmuly Rose and I flew Empire Flight Academy's Cirrus SR20 tail number N184PD from at Farmingdale's Republic Airport to Dutchess County Airport in Poughkeepsie NY. This flight served a few purposes for me; 1) to get back in the air, it was my first flight since getting my Private Pilots License (not including ferrying the plane back from the exam). 2) AOPAs Keep ’Em Flying Challenge includes flying to five airports farther than 50 nautical miles, KPOU fits that bill from KFRG. It was my first flight as entry for the sweepstakes. 3) It was my first time in a Cirrus, let alone flying one!

The Cirrus is a sleek airplane, a fast airplane, a force to be reckoned with. At 160 kts over the ground you've got to be ahead of it. Shmuly flew under the hood, practicing his IFR skills while I acted as the safety pilot. A quick taxi back to runway 24 at KPOU and we are on our way back to Farmingdale. 1.3 hours on the Hobbs and we are back on the ramp at republic. So long until my next flying adventure.

Below is a short video of the landing back at Farmingdale.

Photos below courtesy Shmuly Rose: