Monday, June 11, 2012

Finding unknown winds aloft

Hello Fellow Aviators,

Here's a short video I made showing how to find unknown winds aloft using an E6B in 5 simple steps.

First you will need:

  1. True Course
  2. Ground Speed
  3. True Airspeed TAS
  4. Wind Correction Angle

The five steps:

  1. Start by aligning the true course (your track along the ground) to the true index on the E6B.
  2. Step 2. Position the grommet over the ground speed.
  3.  Mark your wind dot where the True Airspeed and Wind Correction Angle intersect.
  4.  Rotate the Wind Dot until it is on the true index to read the Wind Direction.
  5.  Read the Wind Speed up from the grommet to the wind dot.

I hope you found these instructions easy to  follow, feel free to leave any questions and comments below.

Until next time, blue skies and tail-winds,