Friday, October 26, 2012

Wrapping up Stage I in the IFR training Syllabus

With predominately good weather, only one flight got canceled recently due to low level wind shear alerts (wind speed at 2,000 AGL was in excess of 45 MPH). Navigation work under simulated instrument condition was the name of the game. Of course partial panel work (simulated and actual) was included for good measure, as were stalls and steep turns.

I learned how to fly a DME arc which is using a VOR as the reference point and flying part of a circle around it using the DME to provide range from the station to leave you with a pretty neat flight path. I learned to fly a localizer both inbound to the runway and outbound as a reference to intercept a certain navigational intersection. On Thursday October 25th I went for the Stage I check, where my basic instrument skills, the concepts and procedures I should have learned during the last 2 months were evaluated.

I'm excited to move forward to Stage II which will include approach procedures and cross country flights. I can vividly remember quite early in my flying journey the first time I flew in actual IFR conditions in preparation for my Private Pilot check-ride. The thrill of all you work paying off and a suitable place to land being found is something you must experience to understand. I'm looking forward to being able to conduct an entire flight by myself without visual reference to the ground.

So long for now,

Malki Zee

Visual Approach and Landing after the Stage I Check (Run-time 3:36)